Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stealing minors, highlights - and a haul!

Oh my my.. Hello guys!
Lookie, look! It's time for an update on my boring-ass life - and a little haul. YAY!

I went shopping today.. Just to chill a bit in Aalborg, walking down the street.. But I went to Matas (a Danish drug store - comparable to CVS without the medication..) I was standing by the GOSH-thingie looking at stuff, when 3-4 girls came up next to me and started looking at makeup at the stand next to me. They were talking regularly like: ''Oh, is this good?'' - ''Sure, I have it! It's great'' bla bla.. Then, one of the girls grabbed one of those HUGE pressed powder pans from GOSH and stuffed it under her hoodie. I just stood there, as the honest citizen that I am, thinking "Bend over, young lady, and Imma smack yo' ass!! *frowny face*" Srsly.. First of all; if you cannot afford make up - don't even bother going into a store.. Second, if you have the nerve to freaking STEAL, WHY would you do it in front of a girl, who's standing there with a Kathy Van Zeeland bag (which is a pretty expensive purse brand)? DOOOH? Did she seriously expect that I wouldn't snitch her out? So of course... When I had to go pay for my items, I snitched them bitches out! HELL, how dare they to go steal in one of my favorite stores?!! And so OBVIOUSLY in front of me? Jesus on freaking stilts.. Youngsters these days.. -__-"

Anyway, back to the whole haul thing - I just felt like sharing that. Even just talking about it makes me so freaking mad. Stealing is pathetic - that's it.

Anyway, I actually only got two things at Matas - one of the new GOSH nail polishes in '594 Miss Grey' (which is apparently a new 'fashionably popular' shade) and the raaaaved Soft'n Shine Lip Balm. I got the lip balm in shade '39 Sweetheart'.

The balms give a slight tint to the lips, and the one I got is very glittery - which I kinda like.. cause I'm apparently girly. I was not sure whether to get this one or the one called 'Scarlet' - but I got this one. I reckon it will look nice on top of my Barry M lipstick in '113'. Anyway, the scent of these balms is AMAZING. Simply AMAZING. Ohh my 'gosh' (harr harr), they smell so GOOD. Exactly like vanilla. So yummy! So maybe they don't give a lot of color - or at least the one in Sweetheart doesn't - but it smells so freakin' good! I paid 90 DKK (approx. $17) The glitter, though, DOES go all over the place..

Now to the nail polish. I didn't actually notice these before, but apparently this is one of three new 'summer' colors. There was this grey color, a minty blue color and another color, that I kinda forgot. lol. The minty one was pretty though. I've been wanting a grey color ever since I saw China Glaze's Recycle, so yeah.. I got this one. It was a smashing 70 DKK (approx. $13), so it better be good and last me long. The consistency is very liquidy at first, but it goes on easily and smoothly and it doesn't streak at all. The first coat looks kinda weird, but after a second coat, you're good to go. You can just about see a bit of the fingernail lines under it, but it's not much. (and yes, I used the word 'fingernail lines' because I cannot remember the actual word for it..)

After Matas I went to the Body Shop, where I (by the way) signed up for their Love Your Body membership-thingie. This costs 95 DKK (approx. $18) for a whole year, and you actually get these money back on your birthday - because you get to choose an item from the store in the month of your birthday for 95 DKK. NICE, yeh? Also the membership gives you a lot of goodies; free products and samples now and then, 10% off all purchases (INCLUDING sales items!!) and lots of stuff that I forgot. lol. But I reckon it's totally worth the 18 bucks, so yay for that!

Anyway, as you probably all know, I've been all desperate to get my hands on the Philosophy Purity cleanser - but as everything else of decent quality, it's not available in my country. So I ''settled'' with a cleanser and a toner from the Body Shop. I'd originally picked out their Vitamin E cleanser, because Vitamin E is great for sun exposed skin and this one said for ''All skin types'', but the lady at the counter told me to get the Aloe Vera cleanser and toner instead, as it's perfected for sensitive skin - which you can easily call mine. So I went with that, and I'm very excited to use it. It contains Aloe Vera, which we all know is GREAT for the skin, both for hydrating and preventing early aging, so I definitely like that. Also this is a very gentle cleanser, which my other one by Plaisir was too, but I hope this one actually CLEANSES. The Plaisir one sucked at cleansing, really. So I'm excited about this! I will keep you guys updated on these. Oh, and I also got a sample for a shampoo and conditioner from their Rainforest Brilliance series.. Interesting. They're pro saving the rainforest, but how is putting it in their products 'saving' it? Oh well..

Lastly, for makeup, I got the Gosh quad in '53 Aloha' and the Twin Eyeshadow in '01 Tes'. You can tell by the swatches that the quad is not very pigmented - at least not as pigmented as the twin stick. I like the colors very much tho, as they work fine as a gentle wash of coloring, instead of being super pigmented and all up in yo' face. I've been looking for a champagne-ish color for a long time, so the twin stick is definitely a yay! 

Okay, this entry is hella long, but I like making long descriptions for the items : / sorreeehh.. Anyway, lastly for my purchases I had a gift card for a video/music store called STEREO STUDIO, which was about $30, and I found the season of NCIS that I've been missing for the longest time for that exact price! YAY! They're usually $40 bucks for this season, but I guess I was lucky today. Wooo!

And now.. for the highlights. They look very vibrant and 'alive' in person, and they overall actually lightened the complexion of my hair. My hair looks way more healthy and living.. but sadly.. it doesn't show up well in photos. You can barely see the strains here and there, even though there're actually a shit load of strains EVERYWHERE that are bleached. My hair took the bleaching in easily, and it's been very easy to dye, actually. So that was definitely nice. Thanks to Line G. for sexy hair! Woo : D

Oh my goodness, okay. Sorry for this huge-ass entry. Ughh, but I just wanted to share. Bahaha, beautiful Blogger.com ; D I hope you enjoy this and please comment, and follow - oh and don't hesitate to give me some feedback on the products I bought: Have you tried them? What did you think of them? etc. etc.


- and omg. It almost took me an HOUR to write this entry. Holy moly..


  1. Woah, stealing in front of others is so not smart. Did they seriously expect to not be caught like that? xD Gosh nail polishes are heeeeella expensive, and they chip off quite fast as well. Hope it works better with the new releases, do let us know! ^^

    ★ Cookiie

    PS: I ALWAYS have to write a post for about an hour, I'm such a slow writer rofl.

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  3. sweet post :) hope u had an awesome 6 months' anniversary :)


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