Wednesday, July 28, 2010

★ Music love ♥

Apparently I lost track of new KPOP releases - and that makes me really sad : (
Hereby giving YOU.. (AND myself) a little update on what's going on, and of course what I think about the new releases..

So the NEW release from SHINee is called 'Lucifer'. A teasing dance song, who makes u wanna shake that thing, yo! ; D Okay, so apparently they felt like sexing up mr. Taemin. He went from being sweet and innocent - to being PURE sex with long hair.. Anyone but me thinking 'Heechuuuul'? The part where he goes 'rawrs *bites lip*' (around 1:46) is kinda sexy, no? Also, the dancing is AWESOME! And either way, this song is super catchy - I'm totally getting the album, yes! -dances- Ohh my, my little boys grow up so fast :''D

Okay, so I'm not quite sure exactly HOW old this song is, but it's SUPER catchy.. and sexy none the less. Baha.. She got some serious bootypoppin' going on here.. I like the song, it's catchy. The chorus is a bit ''meh'', cause it doesn't actually make much sense.. It's just.. Change girls girls, boys boys bla bla.. A bit weird.. But the beat is GROOVAYYY (yes, I'm bringing it back!) and it's kinda nice. The video is sexayy.. and we all like 'sexayy'. Now, I do NOT like 4 Minute, but this girl got it goin' onnn!

This one is quite 'old', but I felt like sharing it anyway. I LOVE this song and originally the song belonged to Ke$ha, if I'm not all mistaken.. I obviously like this version MUCH better, as I don't really like Ke$ha in general. She seems like a brainless drunk to me. But oh well, this is about the girls from SNSD. Taeyeon and Sunny will ALWAYS be my favorites, but I gotta say, that Jessica looks really nice with the blonde thing going on.. What is there really to say here? The song is awesome, the dance moves are GREAT, the girls are looking fine.. I like ^^v

Of course I had to bring in my gaaaals from 2ne1 - because I love CL and Minzy to death -flails-.. This song is CATCHY as hell.. You can barely hear them actually saying nal ddara haebwayo, but that's the name of the song. 'Try to copy this/me' or as YG calls it 'FOLLOW ME'. They all look fine as hell, except Dara (cause I don't like her -__-").. Their vocals are manipulated (of course).. It reminds me of FIRE, really, which was their major break through, but honestly this is more pro than FIRE. Their moves are awesome, the song is awesome, they look awesome (at least 3 of them do ; D) and yeah.. It's pure awesome!

Okay, so this was just a small insight. Obviously I haven't been too active on this area lately, but I still love my kpop to death ♥

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  1. wow,. i love hyuna's hair here. on her change...
    i post it on my blog.. about this hairstyle,. to do or not to do hehehe
    check it out..


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