Sunday, May 09, 2010

Still sick...

Yeah I know. This time I've been really concurred by this evil virus/bacteria/sourceofillness. I don't know what's going on. Anyway, it's kinda keeping me from playing much with makeup. I'm going downtown with my dad today, and I really look horrible. The photo is decent, compared to what I look like irl. I'm wearing a bit of powder (to tone down the whiteness and uneven skintone), a bit of blush to make myself not look so horribly ill (which is hard to cover up) and then some bronzer to add a bit of glow.
My cheekbones look really weird, but I lost about 5-6lbs during this week, so that probably explains the eye bags and the cheekbones. My eyes have really sunken into the socket, so I honestly look.. like crap. Wish me better guys : / I'm sick of being sick!! *whine*

I hope I get better before Wednesday (we got holidays coming up - long weekend!), and I really hope that my elf-order will arrive soon.


  1. Get well soon! If truth be told, I think you actually look good in the photo. That's the gift of being born beautiful! :)

  2. aw you look fine :) get better soon!!!

  3. oh my god dear, get well soon :(
    naaaw,u DONT look horrible..u look cute as usual =)
    take care..*hugs*
    Get well super soon!!!!!!!!


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