Thursday, May 20, 2010

R.I.P Mr Lee ♥

Hi guys..
Sorry for the lack of makeup-updates. I'm still sick and going through a rough time, with finals coming up next week. I received a call from my mom, while at a friend's house, on Sunday night, that my hamster had died.. so this entry, is dedicated my little fur ball, Mr. Lee.

When I first got him, I'd recently lost my bunny to time at the age of 7½. She was a great bunny, only meant to just about reach 2-3 years - but she was a stubborn piece of wildness and hung in there for 7½ years. This all made it quite strange for me, as I'm used to my pets growing really old. Mr. Lee barely turned 1½ years, which is really sad for me. I loved that crazy little thing. When I was at the farm with Shiki, I picked him, because he was the first one to throw himself into my hand and crawl up my arm. He was super dedicated and very loving and energetic. We developed a superb relationship, but then I had to leave for Sicily with my classmates and he was left in Denmark for about a week. My mom didn't take him up much, so he was very hostile and rather aggressive when I got home. He stopped crawling up in my hand by himself and began biting randomly. It sucked, but I still loved the little fella.

So anyway.. this entry is to him. For being such a sweetheart and the cutest little thing ever. I used to put him on my desk while surfing the web, and he'd always sit on my laptop and wash himself up.. I guess it was the heat from the laptop that made him like to sit there but it was really cozy none the less :''D

I hope he's in a better place. I have my flaws as a rodent owner, but I tried and we had our great times and our bad times. I miss him though.. running in the wheel making a huge ass load of noise when I'm trying to sleep ♥

I don't think I'll be getting another dwarf hamster, even though they're adorable. My dad suggested me to just get a new one, but I'm not so sure.. I cannot take the fact, that I will barely have them around for a year or two. It sucks.

Anyway, to Mr. Lee and his awesome furness ♥
I love youu, hamster :''D


  1. ='( aawww, so sorry for ur loss..

    recently lost 3 hamsters too!!! coz it got too hot, and we didn't know they could die of heat stroke! i cried for a good hour or so when it happened.

    now we have 2 new ones and we keep them in our air conditioned room.

    but yeah, it sucks how you get so attached, and miss them when they're gone. =(

    hope u feel better soon, though!

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that. :\ Rest in Peace, little one! ♥

    Hope you'll get better soon Nani, I hope your next post will be a happy one. :D

    ★ Cookiie

  3. Im really sry for you q.q
    But he lived very long in your hands, normally they die very early.
    But if you want a pet which is small and lives longer you could buy a bird.

    P.S: That pic of him is very sweet. First I thought it is a pic of his death, but realized that he is sweetly sleeping there <3

  4. Actually he IS dead there : / But thanks..

  5. I'm so sorry for you! I'm sure Mr. Lee was one of the happiest dwarf hamsters ever! :D


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