Sunday, May 30, 2010

NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses

To view my UPDATED NYX Megashine Lipglosses Review ✔
The new post is featuring 8 different colors
This post only contains swatches of 3 colors.

Hi guys!
Yup, still alive here. I got through my 3 written exams last week: Danish, English and math.. Ughh, I'm really dreading the math one, as I'm not very good at it. But I hope I passed at the very least.. I can afford failing a few classes (including both written and oral math) but I just really don't want to. Tomorrow is German (written), Tuesday I have to draw my subject for the synopsis I have to present in social studies on Wednesday.. and Thursday I draw my subject for history on Friday.. Ughh, I'm totally piled up this week. Wish me luck!

So after a long time of NOT updating anything, let's begin with my NOTD. This has been my 'look' all week, and the polish stays on REALLY well. It hasn't chipped or fallen off by the roots or anything, which is really really nice. I'm wearing the color Tantalize Me, which is a really nice shimmery, purple, pinkish color. As mentioned just before, the color stays on really well. One layer gives that slight hint of purple, while two coats makes the color REALLY pop, especially in natural lighting, it just looks plain amazing.. I'll post up pictures of the other colors I got, when I try them out, but so far this is a great color! I also got the Essie - True Love, but that was really a fail color. No payoff at ALL and it made my nails look sick or something.. Anyway, Tantalize Me is a-freaking-mazing! I'll def. repurchase this, when I run out..

Next up for review are my BELOVED Mega Shine Lipglosses by NYX. I LOOOOVE these lipglosses. The colors are amazing, they give great payoff in color and they feel really soft on the lips without being sticky at all. Tanja gave me three new to add to my "collection" (okay.. I wish, I only had one before these in ''Frosted Beige'', which is a nice natural, frosted (doh), color..). She got me (left to right) Beige, Natural and French Kiss - the ones that are apparently sold out EVERYWHERE... And I love them all! I did some swatches for you guys...


Ironically.. the one called Beige is the most pink one. It has a nice, matte, finish to it and feels very delicate and soft on the lips. This, I find, to be the nicest of all pinks I've tried when it comes to lipglosses. Usually pink lipglosses are pumped with glitter and shine, and it simply just ruins the intensity of the pink color. If it's not pumped with glitter, the color payoff is usually really bad, so the shine - I presume - is to prevent people from realizing, that the glitter is what causes the color and not the actual 'colored' product. Either way, this is a really nice color and I LOVE the tone of pink it has. Not too bright - not too Barbie - not too brown or orange. Just.. sexy and.. perfect! (You can tell that I really like this color, yeh?)


This color really IS natural and it is SO pretty, if you ask me. I love how it's toned down, matte and gives this just.. simple, shiny and wet look, as if I just licked my lips. Also, this makes my upper lip look a bit fuller, which most lipglosses do with their shine. But yeah.. This one is definitely worth getting, guys! I actually thought that the color was pretty dark, but it matches my lips PERFECTLY and blends in really well.

French Kiss

This color is kinda like 'Natural', but it has wayy more shimmer and is a tone lighter. I like this one a lot too. Also, 'French Kiss' has a bit more pinkish glow to it, which makes it a GREAT color for cozy nights out with friends or something. It's flirty, but not too romantic. This is a really good color for a subtle eye makeup, where you just want to make your lips look that bit more attractive and teen-girly.

Lastly.. I wanted to share something a bit more personal. My dad bought home a huge strawberry cake last weekend and it kinda took me by surprise. My dad rarely buys cake, because he actually doesn't really like it.. Basically he only buys cake, because I beg him too OR if my mom says that she feels like eating gross whip cream cakes.. But yeah, I was still feeling pretty sick last weekend. However, the cake was really good - my stomach just wasn't.. -__-"

That's all folks.. I'll be busy this week - but money comes in tomorrow (wooo), so I'll see if I can squeeze in a bit of makeup shopping.. 
Hope you all had a better weekend than I did ♥


  1. The 'Beige' and 'Natural' glosses look great! I'm pretty amazed that NYX glosses are so pigmented, since sometimes even high end ones don't look that opaque.

    I'm having my last final exam tomorrow (if I don't have to do retakes xD) and it has been stressing. me. out! I hope you're more relaxed than I am. :P Good luck!

    ★ Cookiie

  2. The glosses look hoottt! <3
    - dansk kommentar på vej (er også på en eller anden måde gået hen og blevet syg igen så hjernen er ikke frisk på engelsk, overhovedet ><)
    Held og lykke med eksamenerne Linøøøh!

    Den kage ser nice ud! *savle på billede* x3
    .. *hugs* Håber I ser hinanden snart! Det andet er sq ikke fedt ><"
    Og og og, lame ass eks'er skal bare fedte af! D:<
    Det andet er sq bare for lame. Hvad regner de selv med at få ud af det ò_ó come on!

    Fighting <3


  3. Check out They had some of the soft Matte lip colors that I couldn't find on NYX. I found reviews for this website on Youtube and that's how I found out about it. It's all NYX cosmetics and ALL discounted. When I went to check out some items were discounted even more then the listed sale price. Even the shipping is cheaper then the actual NYX website. My total was atleast $20 dollars cheaper then it would of been on NYX! oh my god, I was so excited to see that!
    By the way you made me fall in love with the Natural shade of the Mega Shine lip gloss so that will be my next purchase! Thank you!

    1. I buy a lot of my NYX stuff from Porkdaisy and the customer service is great :) I love that site!

  4. ooh I definitely need to get my hands on the nyx natural lip gloss...


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