Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lashes and Brushes

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. I'm still pretty sick, but my mom got me Coca Cola Zero and a bottle of Zymelin, so I'm ready for recovery now : D

I wanted to share my new, goat hair brushes, that I got for about $12 on eBay. I know that eBay is a rather questionable place to purchase brushes, but I got some from there earlier, and I definitely haven't been scared to purchase again. I got this set too, but it's absolute rubbish - DON'T get it. The one, I got, is a purple/lilac pouch with 18 brushes made out of goat hair. The brushes look decent, they don't smell like dead goat and none of the brushes lost any hair, when I pulled them for excesses. I do have to say though, that I didn't take a photo of the pouch, because it's kinda ugly. I LOVE the color of the handles though.. it's quite similar (maybe a shade lighter) to the color of the Primer Potion containers.

One thing that definitely caught my attention about this, was this brush:

I haven't seen a brush like this before. It's full round, but has an actual angle. O_ô I'm just wondering what on earth it would be useful for... blending? Blending is currently my only suggestion, as it's rather fluffy - in a.. round angled kind of way.. haha. Btw, don't mind the cracked nailpolish. I officially HATE O.P.I colors now. They last NO time and take a gazillion coats to not streak and make a decent coverage. Darn OPI. You suck!

Another thing I got, was lashes. I'm currently addicted to false eyelashes. I love the long, crazy ones, that just make your eyes POP and look all psycho! Haha.. But yeah, I got these:

They look decent for HK lashes. They're soft, easy to apply and the band doesn't look too small to apply glue to. So I'm definitely excited about these. They're criss-cross eyelashes, that extend at the end, making them look more natural - yet still diva-ish. I'm not planning on using mascara on these, as I'm hoping for them to last longer than the other, shitty ones, I got earlier. These are softer and easier to work with - which I really like. The ''hairs'' are rather weird, though.. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. A brand I'd LOVE to get my hands on again, though, is the Eylure lashes. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH! ♥ ♥ #70 is my true love in lashes. I just LOVE it! ♥ Sadly they're like £4,99 a pair, which is really expensive.. -__-" But oh well.. I just won't use mascara on them.. or.. win a gazillion bucks to buy a huge load of them. Haha! Anyway, I ordered a tube of DUO Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive. I heard good things about the clear one, but Holly swears to the Dark Tone (we all apply black liquid liner anyway, so what's the point in clear when dry?) so I went for that one. YAY for DUO!


  1. You're a brave girl for ordering brushes through Ebay. xD But the lashes look pretty okay, please show us a look with it~ Glad things worked out with the gf's dad. ^^

    ★ Cookiie

  2. wow those brushes look great. eyelipsface do great brushes too if you want to buy more. =)

    Yay for the family approval. =) and if you want any eyelure lashes,I can totally get you some. =)


  3. those brushes and lashes look amazing!

  4. That brush is to apply wet make up ;D


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