Monday, May 10, 2010

I received my stuff!

Hey guys.. Just an update as I'm still sick and have nothing else to do but sleep and look miserable. I can't believe you guys think I look good, even when sick. It's so nice of you really.. (♥) But I gotta say, that if you saw me irl - you'd run off screaming for mercy ; D trust me. The biggest problem has been the eating part. Just now.. It took me about 17 minutes to eat ONE slice of toast -__-" And I still have an entire slice left. God.. Also, I now have lost about 10-12lbs instead of just the 5-6lbs I thought I'd lost - and to be honest, losing weight doesn't make me look scrawny (vice versa actually, cause I'm really not that skinny), but losing weight like this makes anyone look horrible. My mom doesn't want me to go to Sealand on Wednesday, but I just HAVE to pull myself together tomorrow. I have to go!! : (

Anyway. To cheer myself up, I ordered from elf a while back - and it arrived today! Wuii! I just love receiving packages in the mail, don't you? Especially when it contains beauty supplies.. nom nom! I'll add a tiny pre-review for you guys and some swatches, as I didn't try them out as a whole look yet. It was just a quick swatch to check out the quality. So here goes...

First up are all the goodies. I tried out the lash curler, and it gives a decent curl, really. Nothing spectacular, as I hear the Urimura-something curler should provide you with, but it's decent and good enough to use, for what I plan to use it for. (fake lasheeeees) So yeah.. That was definitely worth the sorry amount of £1,50 ; D haha. I still can't believe how they can sell their products so cheap. I just don't get it..

The brush had me doubting, as Yinnie had apparently meant the Studio Line brushes and not the regular ones - how am poor I to know? - but it ended up with me having no regrets at all. The brush is dense, super full and soft and I'm quite sure that it does its job perfectly fine.

I was really excited about this one, because Holly gave a slight review of it on her channel. Actually she reviewed both next items coming up, and said, that they were good buys for the money. Anyway, up first is the shimmer quad 'Silver Lining'. I LOVE purples and lilacs, and they go really well with my green eyes - so this was an obvious buy.. and for £1,50 (which I paid for all the items, actually) is incredibly affordable. The color payoff is not 'amazing' or 'surprisingly good'. It's decent. I will definitely suggest a primer under this one, because the colors are not very pigmented and they are easy to just brush off with your fingers. But the colors are really pretty - I love my purples ♥

Also reviewed by Holly is the Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in 'Goddess'. Originally I wanted the lip gloss in 'Pink Kiss', but it's not available yet : ( So yeah.. I settled with the one in 'Goddess'. I really like this color. It looks pretty nude on my lips, but the consistency is pretty thick compared to other lip glosses. It is a bit sticky, but not a lot. I really like this product. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of 'Pink Kiss' at the UK website, so that I can get one. Sadly it doesn't look like a lot on photos (blame my camera for a second, as I have to admit -after loving it unconditionally for so long - that it kinda sucks). It shows more as a shimmery nude color, but it actually does apply a bit of color to my lips. This is definitely a re-buy! Wooo!

Last but not least is the liquid liner in 'Black'. I like this eyeliner, even though it's a bit too fluent. As you can tell from the photo, it's not exactly 'jet black', as I will admit to prefer my liquid liner to be, but it's a decent color payoff. Also, it's quite buildable, which surprises me. Usually 'watery' eyeliners aren't builable at all, because the water from second layer will erase the first layer, but this one is worth it. I really like it. Also the tip is very small, which I'll have to get used to. I'm used to the old-school 1 cm. long eyeliner brushes. This one is barely 3 mm. long.. Which is weird to me. But application is not complicated at all.

So yeah, this was just a quick insight on the products. I'll definitely recommend all of them (maybe except for the lash curler, as it's not really suitable for daily use with mascara). I'll post up a look with the quad, new lashes and new eyeliner when I'm well again.

Also, I wanna thank all my new followers. I really appreciate your feedback, even on my lame entries, posting weird photos of myself being sick - sorry about that. That's just how random I am.. xD So yeah.. it really means a lot to me ♥ ♥
I'll ttyl~


  1. OHMIGOSH look at those lips.

  2. I hope you get soon better! My cousin uses the ELF lash curler as well and she likes it a lot. I've also heard that the Studio line brushes are better than the normal ones, but I heard they're not bad. :P If you're curious about them, xteener on youtube has several videos about ELF brushes in general. :)

    ★ Cookiie

  3. thanks for the swatches! the eyeliner looks very promising!

  4. great make up ^^ i need some new makeup tehe :3


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