Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Love package from le Londonz

Hi guys!
Look forward to a huge-ass entry ; D

A while back I received my package from Yinnie () in London. Along with loads of stuff, she sent me a Sleek MakeUP palette from their i-Divine collection called 'graphite'. I never actually heard about Sleek before, but I check out their website and has now officially fallen in love with especially their eyeshadows.

The palette looks like this. It's a super dark palette with many shades of dark grey and a VERY black eyeshadow. It also has a beautiful purple in there, which is a great contrast to the other bleak colors. Mine sadly came with a broken shadow, but nothing a coin couldn't fix ; D

I honestly had a hard time differencing some of the very dark greys and two of the lighter grey/silvers. They look extremely alike, and I think one would have to really dab it on to ever find out what the difference actually is.. Maybe a microscope can tell, but the swatches definitely cannot. The bottom third on the last photo is SUPER dark though (obviously it's the black), and as you can see, the purple is VERY pigmented and VERY vibrant. I am wholeheartedly loving the purple color. I mixed some of the purple with the broken charcoal color in the crease a while back and it really looks AMAZING when blended together. Just sayin... : P

Btw, I just discovered some cool-ass youtubers lately : D
Sharing the love:

Argh crap.. I found so many and now I can't find them again -_-" god dammit. I'll add more links later on, if I run into their channels again. But yeah, three for you to check out. Go go go : D

And btw.. Shopcraze shipped out my order! Weeee :"D
LaterZ guys ♥


  1. Arghhh woman, I have this palette too. ^--^

    Your girlfriend's eyes are gorgeous, I'm hella jealous!

  2. yeah the greys are a bit similar. But it's workable. =D

    Im so jealous, I can't justify any coastal scent palettes. ;e siggghh

    tanja's eyes are pretty. =D


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