Monday, April 26, 2010

NOTD, FOYD, shopping, lunch, etc etc.

Time for an update.

Honestly a lot of things have been going on, so I'm simply trying to find what's head and tail in this. Ohh sigh, main thing is that I've been rather busy - or maybe not busy.. but yeah, things have been up -__-" Long distance relationships definitely take a lot of work, oh god..

But anyway, you're not here to read about my lameness - at least not in this entry. I have a huuuge load of pictures to share with you guys. Face of Yesterday, Nails of the Day, shopping and lunch with my parents... Yaaayyy! So let's get to it :'D

First up, let's go with the look I promised you guys, that I made with my new L.A. Colors palette in 'Enchanted' The colors are very sheer with a metallic shine, and they are extremely easy to blend. Basically I just love these palettes - I got the 'Enchanted' and the one in 'Wild Flowers'. Both come with beautiful colors, so do not underestimate these products because of their low price at only $2,95 or something - super affordable.

Also, speaking of which, Shopcraze FINALLY replied to my email after almost 3 weeks. They told me that my complaint was 'approved' (whatever that means) and that I can choose between having the items (my Jumbo Pencil in MILK was also broken) reshipped for free or getting a full refund. I'm not quite sure what I'll do yet.. We'll see.. They already owe me 3,15 for a palette, so I might just get the refund for the items. I got stuff on eBay that I'd rather want.

Now, let's skip to the shopping I did on Saturday with my mom and dad. My mom was in a sucky mood, cause she had a hard time finding clothes that fit properly and that she also liked (I totally know what that feels like -__-"), but we had fun anyway :'D

We went out for lunch at Bord1 (Table1) and actually ended up ordering the same Chicken/Bacon sandwich. My dad got plastic in his O_O which was kinda gross.. but oh well, we're typical bonus pater Danes, so we're not that picky. Haha, he should've filed a complaint though if you ask me.

Here's finally my own sandwich - WITHOUT the bacon of course, as I don't eat pork; whether it be clean pork or as in additives. I could also add my FOTD from that day as well;

I was wearing a simple brown eyeshadow, that I lined my eyes with and then my NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Frosted Beige. I simply LOVE that color. 

So, to the interesting as in what I got. WOOOH! I didn't get much.. My mom and I first went together to get a dress or a tunic for my leggings, but we ended up buying me some BEAUTIFUL shoes instead.

Later on I went around stores with dad - he's awesome to shop with. I actually brought 5 items to try on, and his first comment was ''So should we get all of that, yes?'' and I was like ''Whut?''.. He's simple like that, as he assumes that everything I bring to him is what I want. lol. Sweet, little daddy ♥ He's so nice, really! :'D

At last, I wanna share my FOYD from yesterday, where I went to this 'confirmation' party. Confirmation is basically a religious event that young people go through as 13 to 14-year-olds. Basically, what it is; you go to church in a pretty white dress to 'confirm' that you believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit bla bla bla. Afterwards you go home and have a HUGE party, loads of guests and LOOOOADS of presents. It's tradition, but most youngsters do it for the presents, as it usually involves a lot of money ; D

Also, NOTD. I cut my nails a while back, so they're extremely short and I HATE IT. ó__Ò'' But yeah.. I'll manage. I applied my O.P.I in Sahara Saphire. A nice, pretty, sparkly purple that goes on smoothly. Sadly O.P.I has a bad tendency to streak, and it takes a few coats to get an even layer of polish. Anyway, I only applied one coat, as I'm obviously too lazy. Just needed the base and a color. That's it.

Yeah.. that's it for now. Sorry for the long entry and the photospam ; D
I'll talk to you guys soon~

Also, a huuuuge thankyou to my new followers ♥ ♥ You guys are awesoooome!


  1. Wow, the green shadow is amzing! Super vibrant! I also love the slight metallic shimmer to it.

  2. why oh why did you post the pic of that sandwich O_O lol jk but it makes me hungry >_< btw I LOVE your outfit!!! super cute!

  3. Your parents sound so sweet. and FROSTY BLUE/GREEN suits yours eyes SO well. =D OOh nice clothing haul there.

  4. very inspirational! love it, gonna follow your blog!

  5. Thanks for following hun. The shadows in the Creative Me palette are too bright for me so I'm afraid I wouldn't use it as much since my makeup is usually toned down since I'm always at school! It's a great palette though.

    I love that green on you, btw


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