Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I haven't purchased any decent makeup for a looong-ass time and I'm really into purchasing stuff like that.. I went by shopcraze again today and they got a lot of new arrivals lately. Woohoo~

I made a list of things I'd really wanna try out eventually
(read: I wanna buy that shitttt!)

MAC Pigments:
Basic Red (sadly this one is out of stock, so I'm patiently (nooot) waiting for it to get restocked)
Emerald Green

For Your Eyes Palette - Green
Trio - Serengeti
Singles - Berry, Hot Crystals, Rust

Metallic 5 - Enchanted, Wild Flowers
Glittery Starlet - Jean, Ingrid

Slim Eye Pencil - Black, Gold, Teal
Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk, Baby Blue, Horse Raddish
Liquid Liner - Black, Electric Blue

Round - Real Nude
Mega Shine - French Kiss

N.Y.X Contour Dome Brush
Pencil Sharpener (actually I have one.. but I lost it -__-"

In total this entire order will be (calculated from current prices incl. sales, though without the Basic Red sample) around $75,60.. I'm obviously in desperate need of money.

Ohh, but when I do receive some of this, Tanja promised to let me use her as a practice-doll. She'll be my makeup lolita : P Bahahahahah!

Speaking of the sun, her and I have our 1 month anniversary today. Woahh~ If you can even call that an anniversary.. Ionno, but it's all good. :''D

I finished 2 of 4 annual tests. Tomorrow is math - please kill me -__-"


  1. woaaah major wishlist Line. haha I'll try get you some mac in your next parcel haha. dunno when that'll be though. =)

    You look wonderful.

  2. uhm, makeup ;_; <3
    hope you'll get it soon!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the 1st months to both of you cutiepiiiiies! :'D <3

    .. and good luck today! Math sure is hell x_x
    I'm sure you'll do a good job though! 화팅 !


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