Friday, April 24, 2015

외국인 얼짱스타일 feat. Sincere FAIRY 1Day Natural in "Black"

일본어브랜드Sincere FAIRY랑얼짱스타일

I finally bring with me the review for some of my absolute FAVORITE lenses of all time. If you've been a follower for a while, you know that I don't rave about lenses much - the only ones that really impressed me were the Fynale Honoo lenses and the EOS Ice Blue ones, that I wore a lot in Korea. However, these 1Day lenses flippin' blew me away! 

Admittedly I don't wear lenses super often, hence wasting a lot of lens pairs as I use them maybe 3-4 times and then they expire.. bummer. However, because these are packed individually (2x5 individual lenses), they're sealed, clean and don't end up in salt, due to evaporated lens solution. (ugh! Don't you just hate when that happens? D:<) If you tend to throw away lenses, you should definitely check these out!

(sorry about the lighting in this one T_T;)

The lenses come in a cute little box and are stacked on top of each other. On the packaging, you can see which lenses belong in which eye - super convenient! The lenses to the left go in the left eye (duh) and the lenses on the right go in the right eye, respectively. Because these lenses are only day lenses, you open one pack, use the lenses for that one day and then throw them away. Do NOT reuse day lenses.

Brand: FAIRY
Line: 1Day Natural
Color: Black
Power: 0.00-0.50 ~ -6.00 (0.25 steps) , -6.00 ~ -9.00 (0.50 steps)
Life span: Day lens
Diameter: 14.2 mm.
Base curve: 8.7mm.
Water content: 38%
Manufacturer: Sincere Vision

The lenses are also available in brown.
You can click here to PURCHASE through LensVillage
The 1Day Princess line is available in pink, green, violet and brown.
Free shipping on orders above $50 (yeah, baby!!)

Note: The lenses are very soft, so they can be a bit difficult to manage when you put them in.

My verdict?
Comfort: ★★★★ (.5, lol)
Enlargement: ☆☆★★
Price: ★★★★★
Color/pattern: ★★★★

These lenses are super handy, super comfortable and super pretty! You can totally rock the classic ulzzang look with these, as I attempted to in the photos. lol. Attempted. *cough* Though the enlargement isn't as whack as some of the Geo Princess Mimi models (and alike), I think this lens does a really good job at emphasizing your own eye color. If you have blue, green or even gray eyes, these will look really awesome!

Because the lens is not just a simple black rim, but actually has a gradient effect, it makes your eyes look larger and more defined, though - as said - it is clearly not the largest diameter-wise. (personally I don't like lenses 14.5+ on me anyway, because.. well I have big eyes already. lol, I'm white). They come in two Natural versions (brown and black) and 4 Princess versions (brown, green, pink and violet). Ahh, gotta kiss myself they' so pretty! >: D

Sorry if my face looks a little puffy and weird. 
I'm suffering from allergiesssss real bad atm. T_T;

Thanks for reading, guys!
Sorry I've been a little shit about posting. 
I got on the grind and then fell off again :C sorryyyy!
(sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega meonjeo)~ hehe


Friday, April 03, 2015

✬ 부활절잘보내세용~! HAPPY EASTER ✬

Happy Easter, everyone!
Look at me posting again~! ^__^)/

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter. Hope you have a lovely Easter break AND that you get to spend some time with your families.

Flavia and I on the go!
I wasn't gonna bring her home this time around (she's really old and worn), but I had quite a few smaller panic-attacks going home on my own, so I brought her anyway. She calms me down for some reason.. Maybe I'm really just a big baby, but she helps a lot :')

I came to Jutland on Wednesday and have been chilling with my family and family pets since. Nezumi is taking good care of Saya, so I know that she's in good hands.. Nezumi's safety tho.. is questionable hue hue. xD

Today my mom made these AWESOME cinnamon-twisty-things and they're so damn good! 

I've also been unwinding to my favorite Youtubers! HEYCLAIRE and BEAUTYCRUSH are my favorites - beautiful tattooed girls.. what can I say? ; D hue hue. Speaking of tattooed, I ordered tickets with my dad to go to Korea in September/October - I'M SO EXCITED! My dad also agreed to go with me to get tattoos done at TATTOO KOREA (my fav. tattoo place ever! I did a post on their shop HERE). Can't wait to go back and can't wait to get inked again *__* it's been too long. Got some super simple, yet super nice stuff in mind. Maybe I'll show you on the blog ; D If not, it'll probably go up on INSTAGRAM or something.

Mille seems really excited that I'm back home, so of course I snapped a few shots of her! I took some photos of her in my bed last night too, cause she was asleep next to me. Hehe, SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE! Sadly the lighting was awful, so I won't show you those.. Just trust me when I say that she's cute ok. 눈.눈
Look at that face :') So cute! She sheds SO BAD THO, and I'm having a hard time getting rid of the damn fur on my pants >__< My mom gave me a little handy-dandy trick-a-roonie, tho; wash your clothes regularly but put in two disposable baby cloths. The fur will stick to them and after the wash, you can just throw them away - CLEVER! I will definitely do that! ^3^)/

If you're into cosplay or cosplayers, Reika Arikawa just recently got instagram! Yay! You can follow her HERE. She's so cute :')
There's an account very similar to this one tho, so I have a feeling that she probably made an account a while ago and just forgot. lol.

Random photo of me after drying my hair. This is my hair-do with no product in it. A lot of people think my hair is SUPER dry due to the bleach, but it's actually very soft.. just naturally fluffy, I guess. I use this particular kind of hairspray/mousse, that you spray at the roots of the hair and it makes the hair a little stiffer. If I don't do that, the hair will get all curly and cray-cray when I'm out and about.. so yeah, I make it stiff on purpose (that's what she said ; D hue hue)

He's 10 years old already.. If you didn't read my latest entry recently, you probably won't know this (unless you follow me on TWITTER) but Calle passed away Monday morning. He suddenly got REALLY, really really sick and the vet said that he was in excruciating pain and that it was his time to go. So we let him go.. Luckily I spent some time with JEONGIE and KEVIN Monday, so they cheered me up indeed : D We watched the new season of Ru Paul's Drag Race (and omg Pearl is FLAWLESS!!).. speaking of Pearl, Jeongie got a septum and it's so beautiful! Go look at her flawless face HERE.

My dad made lasagna, because I love the one he makes AND I never really get to make it at home.. It's a lot of work when you're just one person.. cooking for one person. lol. So yeah..

And lastly.. doggies! We were cooking and they found it highly interesting ; D

As said, I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Talk to you soon!

I finally found out how to put videos in a video in iMovie, so I'm itching to get back into video-editing. Must.. make... video... soon. >__< EEEK! it's so embarrassing how shitty of a Youtuber (and blogger) I am. Ugh..

Also I'm sorry about this entry being so damn random o__o it seems that my mind is in a million places at once, lol. Sorreh!

Enjoy EXO's new MV while we're at random shit

Have a good one!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Long time, no anything-at-all ^3^)/

So here's a photo of me at the National Museum event last weekend! I met some really cool people (like HOTARU!!!!!!) and hung out with some of my favorite babus (like Julie!) Hoho!
Cosplay Nationalmuseet 2015
I wanna take this opportunity to thank the blog readers who came up and said hi to me :'D You guys are so fucking cute, I love it! Feel free to say hi anytime you see me out and about in CPH. While I probably react a little odd, I do truly appreciate that you wanna talk to me.. cause really, I'm not as cool as you probably have this odd idea about me being, lol. Not cool. Not cool at all, I'll have you know. After the event some of us went out to wish Mie well off to Japan and to apparently get really, really drunk lol. I don't really know if we did anything but dance and eat chicken burgers, but it was fun :'D ♡

Anyway, as an apology for my absence, I bring with me lots of food porn photos and a couple of snapshots from what I've been up to lately. I wish I had photos from JPopCon 2015, but all I can say is that I made Gopher of the Year AND met so many epic people, that I don't even know where to begin! T_T; You guys were so incredible to me and I appreciate it so much. I was actually pretty sick during the con, but despite that, I had such a good time, saw Yuegene Fay irl, saw the BEAUTIFUL Josh Hartt AND saw my two babus win a trip to China for CICAF. So proud, you guys! SO PROUD! (also apparently I 'saw' many things, haha.) Anyway, shout out to my lovely con-homodacchis!

To the foooooood we gooooo~
Dev and I made crêpes a couple of weeks ago! Banana, nutella and white chocolate. It was delish but SO heavy and SO sweet T_T; ughhh

Some dinnaaaaahs~

Banana, blueberries, Nutana granola and Alpro natural~ So good!
This was my lunch at uni from Tuesday. Italian style chicken salad, chili/cheddar bagel and Pepsi Max

Snacks! Went to JEONGIE's house last weekend and we got way too drunk, lol. She'd lined up loads of delicious treats for us as per usual. :'D
Kevin (my fav. goth) and I also went to Jeongie's house for dinner and drinks after work one day! Such delish kimchi soup! *Q*
Mimi decided to chill in Jeongie's cardigan, lol. Keepin' it classy.

Speaking of Mimi, I found a photo of Mille and Lillemis each for y'all! I saw them in January when I was home for winter break. It was so good to see them - and I think they missed me too :'D
Lillemis is SO BIG! She's already a year and 6 months old! Time flies :')
Mille is a classy lady as always xD She was CRAZILY clingy while I was home. Silly sausage, hehe

While I was home the last time, my mom and I went to visit some people who used Calle for their female. She had a few pups and they wanted my mom and me to come and look at them. SO CUTE! Sadly Calle is really sick atm. (he's 9 years old already) and he's struggling with his spondylosis as well. Poor baby :( I'm kinda worried that I'll have to say goodbye when I go back for Easter on Wednesday. -sobs- Anyway! Look at these cuties!
There's a brown male and a black male. So cute! Especially the black one was feisty ; D

Speaking of cute, I've been so bad on Instagram following bunny-accounts and liking the SHIT out of bunny pics all over the place, lol. THEY SO CUTE! *__* 
HNNNNNG SO CUTE!! Look at that chubby face! ♡ 

I also got y'all a little picture spam of Saya. I know that some of you probably miss seeing her, so I bring with me a SHIT LOAD of cute-ass bunny pics, hehe! 
She was good to me while I was sick :')
Spring has arrived, as you can tell ; D
Making a fucking mess -__-"
Channelling her inner fangirl, lol. Kpop music videos were on, hehe! >: D

As a birthday/Christmas present to myself, I got a little treat! I love my NIXON 51-30 watch to death, but it stopped ticking and sending it in for a replacement-thing proved to be much more complicated than I had initially thought.. So I got this one!

It's a FOSSIL Nate! So gorgeous! Sadly the glass is apparently shite and got scratched pretty bad within the first week, meh. But I love it anyway! :') It's also a little easier to change settings on than the NIXON, because it doesn't have as many functions. Simplicity at its best! ^3^)/

Did I mention, I'm the best at puns? HEHEHE
The screen shot is from a convo with poopy-face-person, lol. We went for bubble tea last week and it was SO GOOD! I got so many bubble teas by now that I scored myself a free one the next time I go! Sweet~!
For those wondering, I always get the pomegranate green tea with tapioca!

Going home from uni. Dybbølsbro Station! The station near my job. Every morning I walk to uni from here. It's so nice and the morning air is so crisp! Helps me wake up a bit, hue hue.

Now... uhh, feel free to click out now, but I took a couple of selcas too. I'm not much of a selfie-person, because the word is gross and I don't like having my picture taken. I always end up looking super angry or super tired - there's no in-between. So yeah.. fmf (fuck my face? lol)
My hair is so long! Getting a side-trim on Sunday!

Met in early for class, I guess. There's coffee on my shirt's hood-strings, lol. I ain't no classy girl, haha! ; D

And now to something completely different!!!
I'm not pleased with this T_T;
*sobs bc Zayn is honestly the best singer*
(and he's just so great) T_T;


-clears throat-

My next post will most likely be a post for LENSVILLAGE!

Got THESE beautiful day-lenses to review and they're so comfy! *__* ♡
(excuse my huge fucking face, lol.)
They're also PERFECT if you - like me - don't wear lenses often, but like to wear them for a long time, when you finally do. Yay, for Fairy1Day!

That's it, folks!
Thanks for reading (and for sticking around despite my lazy ass, lol)
♡ ♡ ♡

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extra extra

Junsu's new song is so great, I feel like I need to mentally prepare myself before I press play, lol.

UPDATE: Calle passed away on the morning of the 30th :(