Wednesday, July 09, 2014


\(^__^)/ 여러분이잘지내죠?
정말... 감기는갑자기공격하는편이라서 


오늘날씨가너무좋은데감기때문에외출하지못하잖아~ 눈.눈 짜증나..

Here are some of the things I've been up to. I caught a cold (which sucks major ass) and now I'm battling both allergies (due to epic summer weather+ light breezes) and a stupid cold that's tearing my lungs out.. or at least that's what it feels like. lol. Anyway, I've been hanging out with some friends, eating food (though not enough at all) and been slacking on my exercise as well due to a week PACKED with work last week. I am now ill and don't feel like killing myself (and my lungs) with tough work-outs, so I'm letting myself rest. Also trying to eat more, because I'm clearly not eating enough. Ugh, so annoying. Anyway! Foodporn yayyyyy~!

Sunset Boulevard sandwich! noms! Tuna in crispy bread, yesss!

Potato chips on cheat days! Wee! Saya appears to be wanting some too o__o

Finally had sushi date w/ JEONGIE. So goood!

We then went to have cocktails with 천찬씨 and our friend Dai ♡

Met the beautiful Kiara who was visiting from Korea! ^3^)/

My lunch from today! Trying to up my protein intake. o__o"

Apparently this is a "meal replacement bar". It's delicious! But I'd never encourage anyone to be "replacing" a meal with anything other than.. a meal. lol. "Meal replacements" are bullshit imo and they confuse the shit out of your metabolism -__-" This is good for protein tho and it has a good amount of fiber in it - plus, as I said, it's deliiiish, lol! I can only eat half tho, so I usually save the other half in the fridge to eat on the following day. Mmh!

Panang curry that I made the other day! Mmmh, yes. So good!

I have this outfit envisioned and it called for red converse.. so yeah. haha!
Ignore the cankles, please. I cannot help that 눈.눈

Here's a pretty sunset-photo!

Ahh, I caught a lucky light there, huh?
빛이잘나온거양 ㅎㅎ

A little pick-me-up from Instagram. I love this! Great encouragement if your diet is a bit off and you've been slacking on exercise (like I have!). Stay focused on what you want! YEAHH! ò__Ó)/

My new, beautiful cardigan from MONKI (excuse the shitty photo). I did a shit ton of shopping already - to the extend where I am actually considering doing a tomboy lookbook for my Youtube channel.. would that be of interest to anyone? I tried searching tomboy lookbooks on Youtube before, but my kind of tomboy style just wasn't really there imo. It's usually longhaired tumblr chicks who put on kicks and tie flannel shirts around their waists; that kind of stuff, lol.. which isn't my style tbh.. at all, actually... lol

재밌겠다고생각해요? 좀알려주세용~

Either way the clothing haul will have to wait for a bit. Today's hot as fucking balls (approx 30*C!!!!) and I am dying tbh. It's hot, I have this stupid cold and my skull feels as if it's about to cave in T_T -sobs- Please pray for me, cause I might die. lol. I had work yesterday and the first 3 hours were awful. However, my colleague let me go to the pharmacy and I got some fever-reducers that helped me through the last 4 hours of work. Phew~! Today - after sleeping for more than 14 hours last night - I'm feeling a bit better, but this cold is not being very kind to me at all. I'm snotty, coughing up weird shit and ugh the headaches. /crey.. Let's hope I'm better before work on Saturday 눈.눈

아! 그리고! 요즘은이노래가좋다!
Currently one of my fav. songs! It's really catchy! ^3^)/

잘들어봐요. Give it a listen, if you want!

Take care, guys! Don't catch a cold!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

시험이온다 ㅠ.ㅠ

I have my last exam on Thursday and here are some things I've been doing instead of revising and studying. (hehehe oops)

Cooking all the fooooooods~!

Shopping kpop and jrock

Taking stupid selcas

Watching anime

Watching Orange is the New Black

Watching heyclaire

Baking for once!

watching the new SHINee DVD that Nezumi just got!

Pretending that AnimeCon didn't just happen

Working out (believe it or not, lol)

Taking long walks at night

Hanging with epic friends

Buying apartment stuff

Wondering if Saya actually hates me
she might.... 눈.눈

Have a good one!

Thursday, June 12, 2014



hue hue hue

Just kiddin'... I suck at all games involving physical movement
(except one -winku-)

Needless to say, I've been watching a shit ton of Kuroko no Basket.
Kagami is so fucking cool and Kuroko is so bad-ass and the Generation of Miracles is... just.. rad as fuck ok. I've never really been into 'sports anime' because sports pretty much mean shit to me and I just give no fucks at all. But honestly, I loved the ending to Free!, Haikyuu! is followed religiously on my behalf and yeah.. as you can tell.. Kuroko no Basket is making its way up there. Yes, yes, yeeeees animeeee!
Anyway, let's get to the main focus of this entry, shall we? I got rather inspired by JEONGIE's home decor goodies that she got a while back, so I decided to venture out into the real world (oh no, the suuuuun!! -evaporates-) and get some things for my apt. Because honestly, my apt. isn't exactly fancy like hers. Mine is... well... it's... home :') hehe, I'll try to go through the items in the "close-ups". I didn't only get apt. stuff, but also some items for myself - a few necessities, movies and yeah.. some stationary thingies. Yup, yup. As you can tell, there's no pattern to this what so ever, so let's just get to it.

L-R: Harry Potter 1-8, Dark Shadows, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Serial Experiments Lain 1-13, 1D This is Us, Die Hard (1-4) and Die Hard 5. Movieeeees! The 1D movie is for a movie night with some friends.. it's a thing ok, and I actually like 1D. Their songs are catchy as fuck. -jams to Story of My Life- Also.. many people hate on the Die Hard movies, but honestly... I think it's fucking great. It's got action, action - OH AND MORE ACTION. Not so much of that lovey-dovey bullshit that tends to ruin most good plots. Oh no, it's actiooooon! I love it!

L-R: Block candles, Sanex shower cream, conditioner (cause KAMI told me to get some, lol), makeup remover, silver shampoo, hair dye, scented candles, post cards, cute cups, small baskets (for makeup storage), hangers, paper clips.

Here are some close-ups of the baskets - the baskets I use for makeup storage and makeup brushes, then there is a bag of straws (lol), some flower buckets and a bit of the hangers. Ehh, not so interesting afterall.

Ironically I bought a sweater. It's summer and I got a big, warm sweater. Why, Nani, just whyyy? Anyway, it's soft as hell and I figured that it'd be good for those colder summer nights. Also the leopard print is BAD-ASS! HUE HUE HUE.

NANI NO BASKET! Haha, it's not really a basketball shirt, but on it kinda looks like it. I like it and it's soft and light for summer : D + Carlings is one of my favorite stores. It's not always affordable, but the quality is great! My denim vest is from that store and it's holding up SO well - def. worth the $80. Anyway, the sweater above was about $35 and this shirt was $18. Both 50% off original price - great deals! ^3^)/

Thank you for 250,000 hits btw! : D I can't believe my blog's been visited that many times. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ♡ ♡ - I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Even if you only drop by a couple of times a week/month/year, please know that I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check up on me. ^3^)/

Have a good one, guys!
You are da bomb diggiteeee-heeeee~!

Friday, June 06, 2014

어디니? 뭐하니?

Hello kids,
it's been a while, hasn't it?

I have a couple of things that I'm up to lately: work (I got a new job!), exams (1 over with - 1 left on June 26th!), family events and just chillin' with friends. I'm basically getting back into the mojo of things, which on some days is just great - and on other days is a bit more exhausting than I'd like for it to be. I've been seeing my friends a bit more lately (which has been superb!) and I allowed myself to shop a bit yesterday, as I had some money from my old work ^3^)/ It's been a long time since I splurged on makeup (because I've been trying to not buy it as much, since I never wear makeup anyway) but yesterday, as I failed to hunt down the NARSissist eye palette, I got the smashbox FULL EXPOSURE palette along with their new 24-hour eye primer! WOOH! I took all these photos with my phone, btw! So excuse the inconsistent quality 눈.눈

The palette and the primer!
I also got a small sample of the face primer from smashbox, so I'm definitely gonna try that out~!

A couple of swatches! Again, sorry about the quality 눈.눈" The sparkle shadows look incredible though! Also, these are swatches on top of the eye shadow primer~ ^3^)/

I will keep you guys updated on the palette and I will definitely post some pictures of looks on INSTAGRAM for you all to see.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos to sum up what I've been up to lately


A selca! Because I rarely post selcas, here are TWO for you, lol. I also rarely post selcas on my instagram, tbh., but I have a feeling that most of you follow that one for the foodporn anyway, hue hue. Got foodporn for you in this entry as well (scroll down a bit).
This is my CAMPTAKOTA shirt! w00t! I have two of them now : D One in sz adult M and this one is in size adult S. The S size fits better, but I got the one in M first and then decided to try out S. Got this blue one and a green one. WOOH CAMP TAKOTA -parties- Have you guys even watched the movie? It's so great. So. Great :')
This other one is just to document that I DO still play with makeup... sometimes, hehe. On that note I washed my brushes today. All of them (or at least the ones I could find). I hate washing my brushes, tbh -__-" So much work, ugh. Anyway, look at my Yonsei Univ. tshirt! w00t! #YonseiFTW

Here's Saya's selca for you
jk. It's not really a selca. It's a close-up from the other day, when she decided to carry a huge bunch of hay around in her cage. She's so cute with it sticking out of her mouth T_T; d'awww


I don't know how many of you follow my TWITTER, but Monday (I think) I got some really upsetting news during the afternoon - my mom had kind of kept it a secret from me, because she knew it'd upset me. But Mille had been missing for 10 days. That day was generally a REALLY bad day for me. Not only because of Mille being missing for so long without me knowing, but also for various other reasons. Just.. bad days are bad and they easily turn terrible. Luckily around 10:30PM my dad texted me this picture:
Mille had come home! I almost cried when I got the picture, because I'd been worrying about her all day. Aw, my baby came back ♡ I miss her and Lillemis so much. My parents live far away from Copenhagen, so I really miss my family and our family pets a lot : / so yeah.. hearing that she was missing was really hard - but luckily she came back that same night! I told my mom to keep an eye on her and NOT let her out again. Mille had lost some weight, but the treats I bought for them came in handy, cause that's how my mom lured her back inside. Weee, Mille ♡ ♡


To end this on a brighter note: FOODPORN!
Super random shots, but yeah.. f0OoOOood, lol!

Salmon pasta!

Some cheesie delicious parisian toast with chicken breast.. and Haikyuu! During my finals period I've gotten through SO MANY ANIMES it's ridiculous! I finished both seasons of Magi, Free!, caught up on Haikyuu!, finished first season of Kuroko no Basket and am now on eps. 30 (4 or 6 eps. into season 2). Just.. apparently cannot get enough, lol. I'm so stoked for season 3 of Magi and I've heard that there's gonna be a new season of Sword Art Online as well as Free! >: D yes yes yes!

Lastly; bubble tea! My friends took me to this place called "Taste of Taiwan" located at a small street close to the National Museum. It's SOO good - pricey compared to Korean bubble tea, but I almost like this place better, because the bubble teas ACTUALLY taste like TEA. This is my current favorite flavor: Cranberry latte with tapioca pearls. Noms. All the noms.

I hope you guys are well! The blogs are going to continue being this sporadic, but I'm hoping to make a Youtube video for the CHANNEL in the near future. I kinda miss making videos but the whole deal with my other laptop dying (so I couldn't transfer files from my DSLR due to some SD card issues (that are now fixed!)) was just so damn frustrating. Also I had some issues figuring out what videos to make, because I still cannot really wrap my head around which direction I want to take my channel in. So yeah.. still thinking about that. Upcoming videos are however: collective jrock haul, collective kpop haul 2, tips for exchange students in Korea, smashbox makeup tutorial/look thing, some cooking things and this TAG that Haku tagged me in (silly child, hue hue). 

Have a good one!
- and stick around ; D hehehehe